How do I know when my points expire?

PointsCrowd does not have the capability to track expiration dates for individual loyalty accounts. We recommend you review the terms and conditions for your individual loyalty accounts.

Who is PointsCrowd designed for?

  • Points enthusiasts who will enjoy the ability to search across multiple loyalty programs in one location. 
  • Travelers and curious minds who are interested in learning about and traveling with loyalty points.

How soon can I travel?

If you have enough points accumulated, you can begin booking trips today. If you’re just beginning to obtain points, we suggest you allow 6-9 months to obtain enough.

What is the benefit of using PointsCrowd?

PointsCrowd is designed to simplify your search for the best travel options when using loyalty points and rewards. When you input your available points, we provide the best available travel deals and options for obtaining additional points for no charge.

What is the quickest way to earn loyalty points?

  • Enroll in co-branded loyalty credit cards that offer sign-up bonus points.
  • Use loyalty point credit cards for everyday purchases, particularly for the brand related transactions. 
  • Strategically use your cards at specified retailers, restaurants and more the loyalty programs provide higher points or rewards for.

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