How it works

The goal of Points Crowd is to simplify your search for the best options when traveling with loyalty points and rewards. Whether you’re currently enrolled or looking for your best options for loyalty programs, we breakdown how to obtain and redeem your points and rewards for their optimal return.

Create your account

The first step to joining Points Crowd is to create your free account.
Click Join and complete the registration form by entering your name, email, and creating a password.

Build your Points portfolio

If you currently have a collection of points and rewards from various loyalty programs to redeem, you can create your .
You can enter airline miles, hotel points or any other loyalty rewards you currently have at your disposal to view all of them in one place and find available travel options.
Enter the name of the points program such as Delta Skymiles, Marriott Bonvoy and more.
Enter your current points or rewards balance including free flight or hotel certificates along with the corresponding points limit. Add as many loyalty programs as you have available in your Points portfolio and see available travel options.

Earn points

Don’t have any points or rewards yet? Don’t worry, we will recommend programs as you search for trips that offer points and rewards to cover the cost.
Maybe you have points, but not enough to cover your desired trip – Since we like options, we want to ensure you have a few. While you’re browsing your trip options, you can filter by points, combined with loyalty programs available for enrollment, or deals that allow you to pay the difference in dollars.

Start your search

Now that you understand how your points and payment options will be presented, the real fun begins. If you’re ready to discover somewhere new, we have curated a collection of recommended trips for you to browse under our Editorial picks. If you have a destination in mind, you can create your own collection of options, add them to your saved search. You can filter by payment options and have the capability of sharing discovered deals with your travel companion(s).

What about booking?

You may have realized that we don’t handle the actual bookings for your trips. The Points Crowd is designed to provide you with the best options. While we don’t book directly through our site, we’ll guide you through the process by providing the site to book on and the criteria to enter when doing so. We’ll also help you track your timeline for booking and refunds to ensure if life happens, you’ll be able to retain your loyalty points and rewards.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or reach out to our Support team.

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