Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass Analysis

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The best flight deal of the year has just landed! It’s time to enjoy a year of unlimited travel with the new Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass. The budget airline lets you fly even more with the new flight subscription. An annual subscription gives you access to flights on the airline, and you fly as much as you want.

Now your dream of a jetsetter lifestyle becomes a reality with the release of the GoWild! Pass. First announced in October 2022, Frontier Airlines has just released new updates about this all-you-can-fly pass. Let’s check out the details about the offer to see if it’s worth it.  

Benefits of the GoWild! Pass

Two words—unlimited flights—were enough to cause quite a buzz for travelers. The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is a deal that many travelers have been looking forward to. And its list of perks makes the offer even more enticing for travelers considering purchasing it.

The best features of the Frontier GoWild! Pass are:

  • Unlimited Flights
  • Flights as Low as $0.01
  • Domestic and International Destinations
  • Flight Subscription

Unlimited Flights

Flights are one of the biggest expenses when traveling. The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass allows users to enjoy unlimited flights to significantly reduce travel costs.

There’s always a reason to travel. Visiting family for the holidays, vacation, and remote workers having flexibility on where to work. You can now fill your calendar with all the trips on your bucket list.

Booking flights is the best way to take advantage of the GoWild! Pass—the more flights you book within the year, the more value you will get from having it.

Flights as Low as $0.01

A travel deal for unlimited flights soars even more with flights priced as low as $0.01. The Frontier GoWild! Pass doesn’t have free flights. However, the subscription lets you access unimaginable prices of flights—including to international destinations.

Ticket prices booked using the Frontier GoWild! Pass vary based on location and demand for the flight. Frontier announces that travelers can expect to see ticket prices between $0.01-$14.60. The actual airfare is free, but the additional booking charges come from taxes, airport, and government fees.

Airplane ticket prices constantly fluctuate, but the GoWild! Pass lets you lock yourself into excellent rates all year.

Domestic and International Destinations

Unlimited travel with Frontier Airlines includes domestic and international destinations! The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass lets you book flights from airport hubs in major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago. In addition, popular international routes to destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are also available for booking with the GoWild! Pass. 

Frontier continues to expand its route locations every year. The most recent routes include Jamaica, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and El Salvador.

Flight Subscription

Frontier Airlines is one of several airlines with flight passes. While the flight subscription model isn’t new, The GoWild! Pass was created to give Frontier flyers what they truly want—more flights.

The Frontier GoWild! Flight subscription pass works by paying the annual fee and gaining access to the program perks for an entire year. If you’re satisfied with the pass after a year, the subscription renews, and you can continue enjoying the flight benefits. However, it can be canceled if you don’t see any value from it.

Keep in mind that the GoWild! Pass is a year-long commitment. Even if you don’t have any planned trips, having the option to book for pennies can be worth having.

Details about the Frontier GoWild! Pass

The latest update about the Frontier GoWild! Pass includes important information for details about the offer. The key takeaways answer the most pending questions about the pass, such as how much does the Frontier GoWild! Pass cost, when will the GoWild! Pass be available to purchase, and when you can start taking advantage of unlimited flights.


Travelers have anticipated the pricing details for the Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass since it was first revealed last month. Well, the wait is over because one of the biggest updates about the GoWild! Pass is that it will cost $599/year!

The $599/year price is the promotional price that expires after the first year. The GoWild! Pass retail price is $1,999/year. Travelers who subscribe to the pass at the promotional price will be charged the retail price in the following years if the subscription isn’t canceled.

The Frontier GoWild Pass is an annual subscription and is charged every year.


Don’t take too long deciding if you should buy the Frontier GoWild! Pass. Frontier Airlines keeps the unlimited flights exclusive to a limited number of travelers. While the total number of passes available is unknown, Frontier is increasingly releasing details prompting quick action if you want to enjoy the pass perks.

In October, Frontier Airlines included a waitlist sign-up exclusive to members of the loyalty program. And this latest update about the pass opens up the GoWild! Pass for the first time starting November 18!

Start Date

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is now available for purchase via FlyFrontier. The offer and promotional price are limited time only. While you can secure your benefits already, the official start date for the Frontier GoWild! Pass is May 2, 2023.

Booking flights using the Frontier GoWild! Pass comes just in time for the summer travel season. Since travelers can’t book until the day before traveling, May 1, 2023, is the first day to start making flight reservations.

Other important dates to check are blackout dates. Frontier Airlines has already released the blackout dates for the 2023-2024 travel period. Future dates will be announced later.

The Downside to the Frontier GoWild! Pass

Frontier Airlines Airbus

Before taking off on a year of unlimited travel on the Frontier GoWild! Pass, be sure to read the fine print. The eye-catching headline of ‘Unlimited Travel’ is followed by a long list of regulations and limitations that travelers have with the pass. Here are a few things to consider before buying the Frontier GoWild! Pass are:

  • Retail Price
  • Booking Time
  • No Miles/Status Earned
  • Blackout Dates
  • Limited Destinations
  • Travel Add-on Fees Excluded

Retail Price

The price of the Frontier GoWild! Pass is misleading. The announced price of $599/yr. is only for promotion and does not reflect the actual price of the pass. The retail price for the GoWild! Pass is $1,999/yr.

Since the GoWild! Pass is a subscription service, you will be charged the full retail price for the second year, even if you signed up with the promotional price. The promotional price is great for trying it out but compare the value of the pass to the retail price.

Note that the subscription must be canceled before the end of the first year unless you’ll be charged the increased annual rate.

Booking Time

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is perfect for the right type of traveler. It’s designed for flyers with flexible travel plans. Travelers using the Frontier GoWild! Pass can only book flights within specific windows—within one day for domestic flights and within 10 days for international flights.

Unless you’re the kind of traveler who likes spontaneous trips, the GoWild! Pass isn’t for you. The last-minute booking only lets you book if there are available seats—no seats means you have to change your travel plans.

Be sure to check route flight times. Some international flights are once a week and can extend your trip for weeks if you cannot book a return flight.

No Miles/Status Earned

Are you a member of the Frontier Miles program? Unlimited flights sound like a fast-track way to Elite Status. However, Frontier announced that miles flown using the GoWild! Pass will not be credited to your loyalty miles. Frontier Airlines upgrades flight status based on the number of miles traveled. Only flights booked without the pass will be added to your miles total.

Even though you can’t achieve status milestones with the GoWild! Pass, you can still use your Elite Status benefits if you’re already a member.

Blackout Dates

One of the biggest line items in the detailed announcement about the Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is the blackout dates. The pass gives more than 300 available days for travel, but some of the best times for travel aren’t included.

Many of the GoWild! Pass blackout travel dates are around major holidays and the busy summer travel season. The upcoming period blackout dates are:

2023: May 25, 26, 29; June 29, 30; July 1-5, 8, 9; August 31; September 1, 4; October 5, 6, 9; November 18, 22, 24-27; December 16, 17, 22-24, 26-31

2024: January 1, 15; February 15, 16, 19; March 3, 10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31; April 5-7, 12-14

Limited Destinations

Did you know that Frontier travels to 100 domestic and 31 international destinations? Unfortunately, the GoWild! Pass doesn’t include all of Frontier’s routes. The pass includes domestic and international routes, but travelers can book only a limited selection of flights on the airline.

Before purchasing the GoWild! Pass, check available flights from your home (or nearby) airport to ensure your desired travel destinations are included on the list.

Travel Add-on Fees Excluded

Frontier Airlines is popular for budget travelers getting amazing deals on cheap flights. However, its cheap ticket prices exclude many add-ons that are often necessities when flying.

To start, expect to pay the airport fees and taxes when booking. Then, add on fees for baggage, picking your seat, and other in-flight perks like WIFI. The benefit to the GoWild! Pass is only with the base airfare, but you will still incur additional costs for each flight.

The Frontier GoWild! Pass makes you book trips last minute but also charges a cancellation fee if you change your mind after booking.

Who is the Frontier GoWild! Pass for?

In airport

Whether or not you’ve traveled on Frontier Airlines, news about the GoWild! Pass is catching the attention of all travelers. It’s the latest flight pass that uniquely gives travelers a chance for unlimited flights. It’s the perfect scenario for the modern-day jetsetter, but is it the right pass for you?

The primary market for Frontier Airlines is budget travelers—travelers who don’t mind sacrificing a few comforts and amenities in exchange for cheap flights to their favorite destinations. Frontier is known for having small seats, no in-flight service, and additional charges on bags. Unlimited flights with the GoWild! Pass subjects you to flying Frontier-style every flight.

The GoWild! Pass is best for flexible travelers who take many trips every year. Last-minute booking, blackout dates, and limited destinations mean you must work within certain parameters to find available flights. The more flexible your travel style, the more you can benefit from the flight deals.

So, should you buy the Frontier GoWild! Pass? Frequent flyers already traveling on Frontier or similar routes should buy the pass to save on trips they’re already taking. Also, travelers with the flexibility to travel should also purchase the GoWild! Pass since the promotional price allows you to see if you’ll use it.

Consider the pros and cons of the Frontier GoWild! Pass and your upcoming travel plans to see if the Frontier GoWild! Pass is right for you.


  1. Can I transfer or purchase tickets for another person?

Only the account holder can use the benefits of the Frontier GoWild! Pass. It can’t be transferred, and each flyer must have their own GoWild! Pass.

  1. Can you fly for free with the Frontier GoWild! Pass?

The Frontier GoWild! Pass does not have free flights. The pass lets you book flights with airfare as low as $0.01. However, other fees, taxes, and add-ons are applicable to each flight.

  1. Can you book round-trip tickets with the GoWild! Pass?

Round-trip tickets are not available with the GoWild! Pass. Travelers must book flights separately within one day (10 days for international flights).

  1. What happens after a year with the Frontier GoWild! Pass?

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is an annual subscription that renews every year. Travelers booking the pass through the promotional offer ($599/year) will pay the full price ($1,999/year) when it automatically renews after a year.

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