Earn Delta SkyMiles or Hilton Honors Points with Lyft Rides

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Partnerships are all the buzz in the travel industry as companies create new ways for travelers to earn while traveling. Introducing Lyft’s partnerships with Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors!

Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors are two popular partnerships that let users earn miles or points every time they take a Lyft ride. So now, every dollar you spend can go towards upcoming travel plans and upgrades.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Lyft partnerships with Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors so you can start earning today!

Delta SkyMiles and Lyft Partnership

Launched in 2018, Lyft and Delta SkyMiles have partnered, allowing members to earn miles every time they use the Lyft App. Learn how the point system works for the partnership and about redeeming your points earned.

How to earn Delta SkyMiles with Lyft Rides

Now, when booking eligible Lyft rides, you can earn miles for your Delta SkyMiles account. The process is simple to start earning Delta SkyMiles on your next Lyft ride!

Link your Delta SkyMiles account with your Lyft account and select Delta SkyMiles as your ‘Preferred Travel Reward’ on the Lyft Reward tab (See below for steps to linking your accounts below). Now, you’re ready to start earning with your Lyft Rides.

With your accounts linked, ride credits are automatically applied to your Delta SkyMiles account. Users can earn the following miles for eligible rides:

Earn 1 mile per $1 spent on Lyft rides (US only)Earn 2 miles per $1 spent on Lyft rides to the airport

As a bonus, Delta SkyMiles offers up to two (2) $10 Lyft ride credits for a total of $20 credit for new Lyft users.

 The eligible Lyft rides for earning Delta SkyMiles are:

·      Standard Lyft

·      Lyft Shared

·      Lyft XL

·      Lyft Lux

·      Lyft Lux Black

Redeeming Delta SkyMiles earned with Lyft Rides

You can see the miles earned from each Lyft ride in your Delta SkyMiles account at www.delta.com/skymiles. Miles are added to your total, and you can track miles earned with Lyft rides in the ‘Activities’ section.

Delta SkyMiles earned through the partnership with Lyft do not expire and can be used like regular Delta SkyMiles for flights, upgrades, and other perks. Sign in with your Delta SkyMiles account when booking a flight, or use your Delta SkyMiles number on other reservation platforms to use the miles accumulated from your Lyft rides.

Hilton Honors and Lyft Partnership

The official Hilton Honors and Lyft Partnership was announced in 2019. This partnership allows users to earn Hilton Honors points for qualifying rides and redeeming points for future rides on Lyft. It’s a two-way partnership with several benefits for current and new users.

How to earn Hilton Honors Points with Lyft Rides

You can start earning Hilton Honors Points as soon as your next Lyft ride. Link your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts and set Hilton Honors as your ‘Preferred Travel’ provider. You only have to link your accounts once, and you’ll automatically start earning rewards with Lyft. See below for which Lyft rides are eligible for Hilton Honors Points and how many points you’ll earn for each ride:

Points (per $1 spent)Eligible Lyft Rides
3 PointsEconomy, Luxury, Extra Seat
2 PointsShared Lyft rides

Redeeming Hilton Honors Points and Lyft Credits

Hilton Honors Points earned with your Lyft rides are credited to your Hilton Honors account. You can log in to your Hilton Honors account to view your available balance and use the points towards hotel stays, upgrades, and other Hilton rewards.

Additionally, you can use your Hilton Honors Points to purchase Lyft credits to use towards your next Lyft ride. Hilton Honors Points can be redeemed at the following rate:

450 Hilton Honors Points$1 Lyft Credit

Lyft Credits redeemed with Hilton Honors Points can be applied toward all Lyft ride modes (although eligible rides still apply for earning Hilton Honors Points with your ride).

New Lyft users with the Hilton Honors Rewards Program can get complimentary Lyft ride credits when they first sign up. After an SMS confirmation to activate your new Lyft account, you will get $5 off your first three (3) Lyft rides.

Linking Your Accounts to Start Earning

Before you can start earning Delta SkyMiles or Hilton Honors Points with your Lyft account, you must first link your accounts. You will need your web browser and the Lyft app to complete the process, which takes only a few minutes.

How to Link your Delta SkyMiles Account to Lyft

Delta Airlines and Lyft created a user-friendly website to link your accounts, which takes less than five minutes!

1.     Visit https://www.deltalyft.com via your computer or mobile web browser

2.     Complete form to link your accounts using your first name, last name, and Delta SkyMiles account number*

3.     Open Lyft mobile app and click ‘Rewards’ on the menu

4.     Click ‘Select a Partner’ in the ‘Travel Rewards’ section

5.     Choose Delta SkyMiles and wait to see the green ‘Active’ check.

6.     Order an eligible Lyft ride and start earning Delta SkyMiles!

*If you are not currently a member of Delta SkyMiles, you can join for free on the same site by clicking the menu link to ‘Join SkyMiles.’

How to Link your Hilton Honors Account to Lyft

Linking your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts to start earning points with your rides is also done in a few simple steps using the Hilton Honors/Lyft partnership website.

1.     Visit https://hiltonhonorslyft.com/ via your computer or mobile web browser

2.     Scroll down to the ‘How it works’ section and click ‘Earn Points’

3.     You will be redirected to Hilton’s website to securely log in to your Hilton Honors account* to link the accounts.

4.     Open Lyft mobile app and click ‘Rewards’ on the menu

5.     Click ‘Select a Partner’ in the ‘Travel Rewards’ section

6.     Choose Hilton Honors and wait to see the green ‘Active’ check.

7.     Order an eligible Lyft ride and start earning Hilton Honors Points!

*If you are not currently a Hilton Honors member, you can join for free on the same partnership website by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking ‘Join Now.’

Restrictions and Limits

The Lyft partnerships with Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors give members new ways to earn miles and points, respectively. However, there are restrictions on eligible users to take advantage of the promotion and limits on how much you can earn.

  • Lyft and Hilton Honor offer is available in US/Canada Only

Since Lyft only operates in the US and Canada, Lyft rides must happen in these locations ONLY to earn Hilton Honors Points. However, you can use Hilton Honors Points to make reservations worldwide.

  • Earning Limits

Be sure to keep in mind the earning limits for each of the partnership programs, as shown in the below table:

PartnershipEarning Limits
Delta SkyMilesUnlimited
Hilton HonorsPoints earned on Lyft rides up to $10,000 USD spent per calendar year.

In addition, Hilton Honors also has limits on how many Lyft Credits you can redeem for using Hilton Honors Points. You can use up to 45,000 Hilton Honors Points per day to redeem for Lyft Credits (It’s equivalent to $100 in Lyft Credits to apply towards your Lyft rides).

  • Eligible Rides and excluded fees

Members can only earn Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors Points with qualifying rides and charges. Lyft Scooter is not available for earning partnership rewards with Delta or Hilton.

Miles and Points earned per Lyft ride are calculated using only the base trip fare. The earnings exclude:

·      Taxes

·      Highway Tolls

·      Fees

·      Tips

·      Lyft Credits (this means you can’t earn Hilton Honors Points when you redeem the points for Lyft Credits and use them for your ride).

Which Lyft Partnership is the better option?

As of June 2021, Lyft updated its member profiles to only allow one ‘Preferred Travel Partner’ at a time. So, although you can have Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors linked to your Lyft account simultaneously, you can only have one active. So, it brings up the question of which partnership should you choose?

One way to compare the programs is based on dollar value. 

Delta SkyMiles has an average value of 1.3 cents per mile. With a 2x earning rate on airport rides, you can miles valued at 2.6 cents per dollar spent on Lyft. There are no earning limits for Delta SkyMiles through the Lyft partnership.

Hilton Honors Points have an average value of 0.5 cents per point. With a 3x multiple on Economy, Luxury, and Extra Seat rides, you can earn up to 30,000 Hilton Honors Points with a dollar value of $150 per year (calculated using the Hilton Honors earning limit of $10,000/calendar year).

Users get far more dollar value with Delta SkyMiles. However, others may prefer the Hilton Honors program if the Hilton Honors Rewards are more beneficial for travel perks.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the Lyft partnerships with Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honors, Lyft riders can now get more perks with each ride they take. Once your accounts are linked, you can start earning points or miles to apply towards future travel rewards!

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